Super Red Melawi

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We are thrilled to finally be able to offer you our newest strain, Super Red Melawi, which, like its green counterpart, originally comes from the island of Borneo in western Indonesia, specifically from Melawi in the West Kalimantan region.
With a tropical climate and soil enriched with nutrients from volcanic eruptions, this region, like most other parts of Indonesia, offers excellent growing conditions for the kratom tree. 

This strain is a Red Vein Kratom strain. This means that the leaves used to make this strain come from Kratom trees, which have red veins streaking the leaves, giving it a naturally deeper and darker shade of green. 

One of the following badge numbers will be supplied: 22SO/108



Requests regarding a specific badge can be made using the comment function. If the relevant batch is no longer available, the next available badge will be selected for you.

We ask that you sign our Terms and Conditions our kratom is sold for natural dye, foot soak, scientific and educational use only, not for consumption!

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18 reviews for Super Red Melawi

  1. allex

    I became aware of the site through Kratomink and found out that the variety is new to the range. Ordered Super RM from my old regular shop a few years ago and after they removed it from their range I was looking for it. Visually, it was different than I remember, but after extensive testing, I am very satisfied.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good quality

  3. Samuel (verified owner)

    Product itself very good. The only thing I can complain about is that it was more difficult to dissolve in water than the other products. (there are always little lumps left in the water)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent intense color!

  5. Dana R (verified owner)

    Very good quality.

  6. Tobias (verified owner)

    Nothing to say all tiptop

  7. Misa Kelly (verified owner)

    Excellent quality!

  8. Rouven (verified owner)

    Best plant ever!

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I really have to say. This strain is my favorite color so far. I have rarely painted with such a beautiful and intense green! Clear purchase recommendation

  11. Suzanne (verified owner)

    Weaker shade, won't be my favorite

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)


  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Super Red Melawi my favorite

  14. Alyosha S. (verified owner)

    Very good quality and good value.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not the strongest of the provider, but very strong

  16. Rouven Sterk (verified owner)

    Very strong

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)


  18. Andrey Drobot (verified owner)

    and quality and service at the highest level

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