4 Produkte lagern Kratom

To ensure that your kratom powder does not lose quality even after a long period of storage, you should pay attention to four factors:

1. Avoid direct sunlight

Store your kratom in a light-protected place so that the sun's UV rays cannot damage the delicate organic plant material. In addition to the important choice of storage location, the storage medium in which the kratom is stored is also crucial. Our kratom is therefore additionally packaged in doypacks made of kraft paper with an aluminum coating to provide further protection against unwanted solar radiation. In our experience, this measure is the most important! By taking these two preventative measures, you will be able to significantly extend the shelf life of your Kratom.

2. Pack airtight

Kratom lagern in luftdichtem Behälter

This has two advantages. On the one hand, airtight packaging protects the kratom powder from drying out and at the same time from excessive absorption of ambient moisture (see 3). In addition, airtight packaging prevents the ingredients in kratom from reacting with the oxygen in the air. This process, chemically called “oxidation”, breaks down kratom's specific ingredients. As your kratom oxidizes, its quality deteriorates. So don't forget to reseal the cap on our bags after each use.

3. Protect your Kratom from moisture

As previously mentioned, too much or too little moisture will both result in poor quality Kratom. Above all, you should definitely avoid too much moisture. In the worst case, your powder can start to mold and is no longer usable for painting. How to turn your Kratom into a natural one colour you can find out in this article <<here>>.
However, even if it doesn't come to this extreme, your kratom can clump together, which greatly interferes with the even distribution of color. Here, too, the motto is to simply close the bag immediately after use and then store it in a dry place.

4. Store your Kratom in a cool place

For best results when storing kratom, keep it in a cool place that is not subject to high temperatures. Avoid proximity to heaters and instead use a dry basement, conservatory, or the least heated living space. There is no need to store kratom in the fridge or freezer. Instead, use a cool and dry room for optimal kratom storage.

If you take care to store kratom in a cool, dry place, protect it from light and moisture, and ensure it is stored in an airtight container, you can enjoy high-quality kratom for a long time. There are many reports from users who still have a high quality powder even after years of proper storage.

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